Sixth Meeting (2020/03/04)

Present at the meeting: Klaus, Claudio, Rustan, Leila, Catherine, Graeme, Brijesh, Pierluigi, Luigia On the agenda: FMTea workshop Overview What went well and what did not Next edition? COST Action application (deadline April 29) Courses in the database Courses database flyer for Formalise conf Case studies BoK Minutes We discussed first the FMTea workshop, held in Porto in connection to FM’19, on October 7, 2019, as not all present at the meeting attended the event.

Fifth Meeting (2019/10/06)

Present at the meeting: Catherine Dubois, Kristin Rozier, Alexandra Mendes, João Ferreira, Claudio Menghi, Klaus Havelund, Emil Sekerinski, Brijesh Dongol, Graeme Smith and Luigia Petre. We started by a round table introduction of everyone present We briefly reviewed the slides previously distributed about the current vision of the application and the COST format We checked the current version of the technical annex needed for submission (also previously distributed) It might be the case that a new invitation will be sent for joining the application, since the network seems to have expired at the previous collection deadline (September 5) We discussed the effort/benefit of pursuing the application, given that the acceptance rate is 11%.

Fourth Meeting (2019/04/02)

As we are all over the world, for some the (skype) meeting took place on April 2nd and for some on April 3rd. Present at this meeting: Rustan Leino (US, Seattle), Catherine Dubois (France, Paris), Pierluigi Sanpietro (Italy, Milano), Luigia Petre (Finland, Turku), Kenji Taguchi (Japan, Kyoto), Graeme Smith (New Zealand). Bernd Fisher stepped down the committee as he became head of his department at Stellenbosch University, in South Africa.

Third Meeting (2018/11/06)

New members Brijesh Dongol and Pierluigi San Pietro joined us and shortly introduced themselves. We checked the current database of FM Courses that are now saved in Github as issues: Graeme reminded that we agreed earlier to also have a repository for motivational papers - we agreed to set it up as a Github repo as well. Luigia informed about the forthcoming Communication Committee at FME, to help with getting people to input their courses contact person: Claudio Menghi, cla.

Second Meeting (2018/05/23)

Welcome back! This time Alexandra and Joao could not make it, otherwise everyone was in, despite the challenging hours. We had this meeting exactly three months after the first one. Thanks Kenji and Dino in particular for agreeing to join this slot, although not among their initial favourites. The github repository of FM courses. We have thought on how to store our repository of courses. Dino and Bernd mentioned ResearchGate (https://www.

First Meeting (2018/02/23)

February 23-24, 2018, FME Teaching Committee, first meeting: Agenda and references Agenda Welcome and introductions What does Teaching FM will focus on? Database of courses Resources BoK (body of knowledge) Examples/Case Studies repositories Short term goals Database of formal methods courses What is a formal methods course Format of database (pointers to courses, not content) Assign person(s) to design the database and maintain it on some webpage, should be yearly updated and made available to FME Some deadline for all of us populating it with what we know of so far (May-June 2018?