FMTea 2023: Formal Methods Teaching Workshop and Tutorial

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Formal Methods provide software engineering with tools and techniques for rigorously reasoning about the correctness of systems. While in recent years formal methods are increasingly being used in industry, university curricula are not adapting at the same pace. Some existing formal methods classes interest and challenge students, whereas others fail to ignite student motivation. We need to find ways to teach formal methods to the next generation, and doing so will require us to adapt our teaching to the 21st century students.

FMTea23 is a combined workshop and tutorial at the 25th International Symposium on Formal Methods, FM2023. Its aim is to share experiences of teaching formal methods that have gone well, or that failed in surprising ways, as well as to develop ways to reboot the presence of formal methods in curricula.

In the workshop part of the event, we aim to attract papers detailing authors’ experiences with FM Teaching. We would like to get papers discussing successes and failures of various methods, case studies, tools, etc. As self-learning seems to be an important aspect of FM teaching, we appreciate experiences with online teaching, including experiences with teaching formal methods via MOOCs.

The aim of the FME Teaching Committee is to support a worldwide improvement in learning formal methods, mainly by teaching but also via self-learning.