Seventh Meeting (2020/12/03)


Present at the meeting: Klaus, Claudio, Rustan, Leila, Catherine, Graeme, Brijesh, Pierluigi, Luigia

On the agenda:

  • FMTea workshop
  • Overview
  • What went well and what did not
  • Next edition?
  • COST Action application (deadline April 29)
  • Courses in the database
  • Courses database flyer for Formalise conf
  • Case studies
  • BoK


  1. FMTea next edition
  • Beijing, 20-21.11.2021
  • tutorial and workshop? 2 days maybe
  • one invited speaker can be funded by FME/organisers
  • we need one/some PC chairs
  • Feb 15 deadline for submitting proposal, March 15 notification
  • Alexandra and Joao next PC chairs! Claudio possibly joining!
  1. COST application
  • abstract and technical annex
  • Evaluation Feedback Wednesday, May 26, 2021 @ 12:00 CET
  1. Training school
  • May? June? second half of August?
  • we focus now on collecting online materials and create a repository online , linked from our webpages
  • We come back to this issue in March, because FME has 2 deadlines for applying for funding – one in December and one in April
  • Kenji –> proposed to organise some training school connected with the FM symposium, addressing Asian industry?
  • we need to focus all these ideas a bit
    • what would the audience be?
    • what should we teach?
  1. Recording a lecture with your favourite formal method
  • Luigia plans to record something with Event-B –> let’s see how it works
  1. Collecting interesting info
  1. Body of Knowledge
  1. Claudio’s FMTeaching brochure

The aim of the FME Teaching Committee is to support a worldwide improvement in learning formal methods, mainly by teaching but also via self-learning.