Third Meeting (2018/11/06)


  1. New members Brijesh Dongol and Pierluigi San Pietro joined us and shortly introduced themselves.
  2. We checked the current database of FM Courses that are now saved in Github as issues:
  3. Graeme reminded that we agreed earlier to also have a repository for motivational papers - we agreed to set it up as a Github repo as well.
  4. Luigia informed about the forthcoming Communication Committee at FME, to help with getting people to input their courses contact person: Claudio Menghi,
  5. We decided to send a proposal to organise a workshop+tutorial at the FME congress in Porto: (in October 2019).
  6. We brainstormed over applying for a COST Action to finance our actions, for instance the workshop at FME next year. As COST has a new policy to have at least half of the participants in a COST action to be from Inclusiveness Target Countries, we thought about possible partners in these countries.

After the meeting:

  1. The members lists on FME site and in Duda were updated.
  2. Plan: keep our more confidential docs on Google docs and the public ones on Duda
  3. Make subgroups to tackle our other subtasks
    • BoK: Kenji and Luigia agreed to start working on this.
    • Case studies
    • Exam questions

The aim of the FME Teaching Committee is to support a worldwide improvement in learning formal methods, mainly by teaching but also via self-learning.